How is Elvis Coming Back to Life with AI & Music Tech

Join hosts Jonathan Boyd and Ryan Withrow on the “Future of Music” podcast as they unravel the groundbreaking convergence of music technology and hologram technology. In this episode, they explore the upcoming Jack Harlow virtual concert in Meta Horizon Worlds and delve into the awe-inspiring resurrection of Elvis Presley in a live concert experience using AI.

From the immersive realms of hologram technology to the forefront of virtual concerts, this episode takes you on a journey through the transformative power of AI in shaping the future of music.

Tune in for insights, excitement, and a glimpse into the extraordinary possibilities awaiting at the intersection of artificial intelligence, music, and holographic innovation.

Elvis Presley, the undisputed King of Rock and Roll, passed away over 45 years ago. But now a British company called Layered Reality has gained access to thousands of Elvis’ personal photos and home videos to create Elvis Evolution – a new virtual performance featuring lifelike holograms of a digitally recreated Elvis.

This groundbreaking Elvis 2.0 will go on an international tour throughout 2024. Fans will get to re-experience the magic and charisma of Elvis like never before. As Ryan and Jonathan explore, this ushers in a new era of hologram concerts and digitally resurrected artists.

Virtual Concerts Becoming the Norm

When Ryan and Jonathan first envisioned virtual reality (VR) concerts years ago on the podcast, they imagined throwing on a headset and feeling immersed in the crowd. But Elvis Evolution reveals even more possibilities. Ryan notes the concert has “multiple angles in the VR set up” so you can “actually feel immersed” thanks to diverse camera views.

The Democratization of Live Music

No longer constrained by geography or finance, these virtual concerts make live performances accessible to anyone, anywhere. As Ryan explains:

There are so many bands, so many groups that perform nowhere near me that I wish I could see…something like this really makes it accessible for them.

Jonathan agrees this will become commonplace thanks to the “next level” of personalized recommendations. Much like Spotify suggests music, he predicts you’ll soon have AI suggesting various concerts for you to attend virtually.

Welcome Back Legends – The AI Resurrection with Elvis

Elvis is only the beginning. As Jonathan notes, I do think they’re going to bring back the Beatles and more legendary acts thanks to lifelike digital recreation.

Reimagined Tours and Setlists

Could you imagine a Beatles tour with the remaining Beatles living? And the hologram versions of those that have passed away, and it’s an entire tour.

Ryan envisions concerts with new AI-generated songs added to the setlists, so these revived acts can continue releasing new content. The ideas grow more mind-boggling by the minute!

Digital Inspiration for Musicians

Beyond incredible virtual experiences, Ryan sees major educational and inspirational upside as well. Budding musicians can learn directly from digitally resurrected legends like Jimi Hendrix.

Imagine how much people will immerse themselves, play more, and learn more, if they’re like, What do I want to do today? I guess I’ll learn, from Jimmy Page.

Just as players get a creative spark when purchasing new guitars, they’ll find fresh inspiration jamming alongside their heroes.

Democratization of Stardom

For rising artists, these virtual concerts provide massive exposure, enabling them to reach global audiences without grueling tour schedules or financial risk. Fans enjoy lower ticket prices as well. It’s a win-win scenario fueling a new generation of stardom.

As Elvis Evolution illustrates, music innovation knows no bounds. AI and lifelike digital recreation allow us to resurrect iconic musicians while discovering new virtual worlds of opportunity. Ryan and Jonathan’s fascination with each new development is downright infectious for tech and music fans alike.

So slip on those blue suede shoes and get ready for a wild ride. Thanks to the magic of AI, the King of Rock and Roll is back in the building! Be sure to check out Ryan and Jonathan’s full conversation in this phenomenal episode of The Future of Music podcast.

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