How Music Tech Will BOOM in 2024

The Future is Bright for Music Tech in 2024

The hosts of the Future of Music podcast, Jonathan Boyd and Ryan Withrow, recently discussed their predictions for breakthroughs in music technology in 2024 during a lively and insightful episode. Music Tech Will BOOM in 2024.

As we wrap up 2023 and enter a new year, the rapid pace of advancement in areas like AI songwriting tools, augmented reality for music learning, and virtual reality music production provides much to be excited about.

Music Tech Will BOOM in 2024

AI Songwriting Reaching New Heights, Music Tech Will BOOM in 2024

One of the biggest music tech trends of 2023 has been AI tools for automated melody and lyric generation. Music Tech Will BOOM in 2024. Ryan and Jonathan predict exponential improvements in this space in 2024. As Ryan explains:

I think for the longest time, we’ve thought about all of these music tech items that we all have used over the past X amount of years, but Music Tech Will BOOM in 2024. They’re all individual and they all kind of just stand-alone and they do this one purpose, this one thing, that’s what it’s for. But now we’re starting to get to this area…where they kind of start to work together really well.

He points to how tools like Suno and Moises complement each other—Suno instantly generates song ideas from text prompts while Moises analyzes the chords and melodies to allow for easy reworking. This interoperability makes AI music creation not only more powerful but also more fun.

The hosts agree that removing barriers to entry like the need to first develop advanced instrumental skills makes the creative process more enjoyable and accessible. This aligns with Jonathan’s perspective:

“It seems like it has been the ability for AI to actually write coherent music, especially that sounds like other people, but songs…And it’s not the fact that it’s a hit song. That’s absolutely amazing. But the, the, just the nature of being able to have a computer where no human is involved. Or maybe a little bit of input, but you don’t actually have to play the music, record the music, mix the music, master the music to make the music anymore.”

With rapid iteration underway, get ready for AI-generated tunes that sound indistinguishable from human creations in the year ahead.

Augmented Reality Transforming Music Education

Another area Jonathan and Ryan foresee hitting an inflection point is augmented reality for learning instruments. Jonathan observes:

“I think we’re going to see a lot more competitors and that’s going to become a topic, like, is it going to become a focused central thing rather than this thing that’s on the periphery? And I think we’re going to start to see mainstream adoption within this sphere of people using AR specifically for music, not mainstream, like mainstream, mainstream, maybe…But then the other thing is in the VR space, I think that coming after slightly after the AR traditional instrument, music learning will be the instrument agnostic music learning.”

Ryan also singles out piano vision as a leader in using AR to enhance music instruction and predicts wider acceptance across generations in 2024:

“I think next year we’re gonna see a lot more of that. I think we’re going to start seeing a lot of music produced within augmented reality and released from that platform just because with the vision pro with quest three now it’s seamless.”

Get ready for AR to take instrumental practice sessions to the next level.

VR Production Poised to Boom

Hand-in-hand with the growth of AR for music learning, Jonathan and Ryan expect major strides in virtual reality music creation in 2024.

As Ryan puts it, “for 2024, we’re going to start seeing this wall of gaming break down a little more and the accessibility is going to start to make its way into everyday living and creativity and workflow.”

He envisions seamless VR production environments enabled by future headset upgrades:

“I have actually followed some of the best producers out there that are testing it now. Music Tech Will BOOM in 2024 And they’re setting up their entire section with six screens and they’re able to have super easy touch screens…We’re going to get to a point where I think in the next year, we start to see music released from that environment. And it’s going to be more than we ever imagined…”

From composing melodies with mid-air hand gestures to mixing tracks while immersed in a 3D virtual space, get ready for VR music creation to become increasingly commonplace.

Embrace the Possibilities

As Jonathan neatly summarizes, when it comes to capitalizing on the coming wave of music tech innovation, remember: ‘Music Tech Will BOOM’. “Just have fun. That’s what it’s all about. Having fun.”

Ryan also encourages embracing creative play and not overthinking technical limitations:

“So I say, just start having fun with it. Do the fun stuff first and anything that you want to get into that’s complicated, you’ll guide yourself into it…just start with the simple, fun stuff that just makes you feel like, that was cool. I had a good time. And go for it.”

With music creation and learning becoming ever-more intuitive and enjoyable thanks to tools like AI songwriting assistants, AR music instruction, and VR production suites, Music Tech Will BOOM in 2024. Tune into this forward-looking episode of Future of Music to hear more expert perspectives on the exciting horizon. The future is bright for music tech!

In this upbeat and wide-ranging discussion on the Future of Music podcast, hosts Jonathan Boyd and Ryan Withrow analyze the growth trajectories for several emerging music technologies, foreseeing 2024 as a landmark year for music creators and fans alike when Music Tech Will BOOM.

Tune into the full conversation for deeper insights from these industry experts along with their advice for making the most of what’s on the horizon. If you care about the intersection of music and technology, this glimpse into the future, where Music Tech Will BOOM, will leave you filled with optimism and possibilities. Music tech in 2024 looks to be more user-friendly, intuitive, and joyful than ever before.

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