It’s Time! The Apple Vision Pro is HERE!

Join hosts Jonathan Boyd and Ryan Withrow on the “Future of Music” podcast as they dive into the released Apple Vision Pro, exploring its applications in daily work life, DJ sets, and music production. In this episode, the duo compares Vision Pro with Quest 3, providing a comprehensive review of Apple’s latest innovation. From the realms of AI, AR, and VR to the impact on music technology, this episode offers a concise exploration of the future of music in the era of the Apple Vision Pro. Tune in for insights, comparisons, and a glimpse into the cutting-edge possibilities shaping the intersection of music and technology.

Showing public usage footage, Ryan highlighted how “people in the gym now are wearing the Apple vision pro” already as part of daily life across contexts. Jonathan called mainstream integration unsurprising “because it eliminates so many costs. TVs aren’t necessary…It’s kind of in, exciting and inspiring and captivating and also scary…”

It’s Here – How Apple Vision Pro Headset Will Reshape Music

Initial Reactions to Mainstream Adoption

Ryan: It’s here, man. It’s released. The Apple Vision Pro. People are wearing, you know, computers, the cost of a typical Apple computer, on their faces now. And Yeah. I think it’s more expensive than my first car, for sure. And my second car, I think my second car was $500. So, you know we’ve come a long way is what I’m saying. From driving rusty station wagons to wearing computers on our face.

We are here and we’re starting to see all of the influencers. Posting stuff, how they’re using it, what the experience is like…I kind of like it. Why? Because when I first see the price tag, I’m like. No, no, I, I’m not going to do it, but then I started seeing people actually using it, giving demos and it allows me to kind of be in the world without owning it yet to make the decision.

Jonathan: A lot of people, a lot of people hate it. But I see that the catalyst, the amount of momentum behind this new invention, behind this new thing people adopting it as a lot stronger than the people resisting it. So I think we’re going to see a proliferation of people wearing things around just, just daily life. And then they’re going to start transforming more to glasses and then contacts and kind of become more normal.

Vision Pro Environment Customization Capabilities

Ryan: There you go, man. For those not watching, which you should, she’s just sitting on her couch with the Apple vision pro in the view. You’ve got the full stack of two vinyl side by side with all the mixing console right in front of you effects right in front of her where it’s with gestures, you’re able to change the effects to the left. You could choose any album, any vinyl that you want. And I’m sure it continues from there as far as what’s possible to add to something like that.

Jonathan: It eliminates so many costs. TVs aren’t necessary…It’s kind of, exciting and inspiring and captivating and also scary…

Democratizing Music Production With Accessible Apps

Ryan: But what are your initial thoughts, man? I’ve been gone. I’ve been down this rabbit hole heavily. So I’ve seen it a few times, but what is the initial gut?

Jonathan: I don’t think frankly, that any of those, including the one that we just watched for the Apple Vision Pro is up to the highest level. Kind of like the difference between an entry-level guitar and a professional-level guitar, you’re going to go on stage and play shows with a professional guitar, right? The difference is what I’m talking about or referring to for anybody who’s familiar with that or not, if you’re not familiar with it, it’s the same as any piece of sports equipment.

I think we’re at the point where we’re just kind of peaking on that, that point where we’re just passing the, okay, this is a joke. This is kind of useful, but it’s just not, it’s not there yet. It’s not, it’s just not there yet.

Ryan: I think it’s an incredible step. I think we’ve mentioned this before. When I first started playing guitar, I had to, like you mentioned, get a really junk guitar at first to start to understand, is this something worth my time, something I enjoy, and something I should continue to invest in and spend money on for better instruments. This is just another way of doing that for free, basically.

Preserving Creative Flow for Music Production

Jonathan: Something that you didn’t touch on, which you kind of implied it. But something that I could find very useful as a musician is that when you go to a studio, the studio environment is very different from wherever you wrote a song or wherever you normally play. And wherever you normally play is very comfortable for you so you get comfortable playing. And there are environments where you can be where you’re playing or writing stuff.

And when you go to a studio, it’s very different. The atmosphere is different…you can’t really express things the way that you want to a lot of time. This allows you basically to be in a physical space that’s comfortable, that is, it unlocks the flow or opens the valve, so to speak…you don’t have to change your focus to do something different, but physically you don’t have to…If you can, you know, be in your favorite chair, be in, your own place…I think a lot of musical creativity is going to come from that.

Is Apple’s Vision Pro headset catching you by surprise with its potential for mixed-reality creative applications? Early adopters are already exploring its exciting possibilities, and the visionary hosts of The Future of Music podcast are diving deep into how this technology can revolutionize music production and performance for musicians and audio engineers alike.

Tune in to their latest episode for a glimpse into the future of music creation. They explore how VR workflows can be optimized, how unlimited spatial soundstages can be created, and how collaborative musical metaverses can be built. These advancements promise to shatter the limitations of the physical world, allowing artists to express themselves in ways never before possible.

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